Journey Through Photographs and Stories

The Caruna River, Venezuela


I have always felt guided in my journey that has now taken me to each of the world's seven continents, to more than 30 countries and 140 sites. It has been my mission to photograph the natural landscapes and the created places which have held mystical and sacred importance for humankind through the ages.



Stonehenge, England

I have amassed 145,000 images of the world's great spiritual centers and ancient monuments, sacred mountains and forests, waterfalls and rivers and sites of miraculous events. This collection represents a personal pilgrimage. They are by no means all of the world's sacred sites. Although the majority are sacred places designated by specific cultures or religion traditions, there are others which inspire in me a reverence and veneration often reserved for holy sites. These are spots where I and others have experienced a feeling of transcendence and universal harmony.

I have yet to do justice to this archive of photographs that I was blessed to create. I can only anticipate what the full extent of the Sacred Earth Project will be. I was led on my quest in order to bring you the beauty and healing of these places that resonate with such high energy.


Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador


I will continue to share with you the images I've amassed in a variety of ways that will hopefully be of benefit to you. Please sign-up to the e-zine as it is the best way to keep up to date with how my many projects are evolving.





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